Personalize your home with a luxurious, bespoke and elegant lampshade; designed, and created, by using exclusive fabrics we have sourced from New York matched with wallpapers from Europe; to give a unique look that is individual to you.

Our lampshades are created here in Dunedin, New Zealand in our very own design studio. For those that want to turn their hands at their own creativity, we supply lampshade materials we have developed into kit form, in various sizes for you to make your very own shade!

A series of Stunning Photographic Digital Fine Art Designs developed into lampshades is a collaboration between interior Designer Robyn Buis & Photographer & Landscape Architect Stefan Mutch. The concept was developed based on stunning images carefully chosen to be produced as lampshades.

The designs are an expression and a celebration of nature and our beautiful environment in an artful contemporary style that is easy to add to any interior situation, when the lampshades are lit in the evening they act as beautiful light boxes giving a spectacular light effect. So the marriage between Art and great lighting is born, which is causing quite a stir.